Online Coffee Mornings

Thursday Coffee Mornings on Zoom are very happy occasions when we can see each other and have a chat, from the comfort of our own homes. They were introduced in the dark lock-down days of 2020, when they were a real life-line, but have continued to be popular even though we can also enjoy meeting in person again.

If you haven’t joined us before, why not give it a go - we would love to see you! Each session lasts about an hour and a quarter and always concludes with a short period of worship which sometimes includes Holy Communion. Sue normally sends out a reminder email every week (and will let us know in advance when Holy Communion is included) which will include the Zoom link for the meeting. If you aren't on the mailing list for these emails, just let us know, by phone, email, or using the Contact Us page, and we can make sure you get them in future.

We start at 10.30am, but don't worry if you're late joining us. The meeting host will make sure everyone gets a chance to speak and share news - but if all you want to do is listen, that's fine too.

If you have a laptop or computer with web camera, you may find this the best option, as the larger screen means that you can see more of the other participants at once. However, it also works fine on iPads or other tablets and smartphones. If you need any technical help, please feel free to contact Steve (if you don't have his email address or phone number, use the Contact Us page to send a message).

Whilst we can't deny it's great to meet face to face (and we recommend our Open House Café on Mondays as an opportunity for this) meeting online does have some benefits...

  • You don't need to go out in the weather
  • You can wear whatever you like - and if you're having a bad hair day and don't want to be seen, you can turn off your video camera
  • You can be sure your coffee, tea, or other tipple is made exactly the way you like it
  • Nobody's going to be counting how many biscuits you have

EVERYONE is welcome!

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