Pilot commissioning

In May 2013 the new Pilot company at Woodlands Timperley was inaugurated. Pilot officers and helpers were commissioned and certificates were presented. Anne Hatch, the Regional Pilot Officer was present to welcome and encourage all in their efforts.

Presentation of certificates



Pilots is the United Reformed Church young peoples organisation for both boys and girls. We meet as two age groups

Deckhands (aged 5-6)

Adventurers (aged 7-10)

We meet each term time Friday at Woodlands, Timperley. 'All aboard' - the start of our meeting is at 6:15pm and we close with 'all ashore' at 7:30pm. In between we do some learning about God and the church, play games and do crafts - above all we are there to have FUN.


                                                         Contact Megan on 0161 283 1283

or Church Office Tuesday to Friday morning 929 9747