History archive

Introducing the History Archives of Altrincham United Reformed Church.

This is a developing on-line archive on the early history of the churches and their missions that united into the current Altrincham United Reformed Church.
Please use the links at the end of the page to explore the archive. 


The URC churches in Hale, Bowdon and Woodlands were originally:

Hale Congregational Church; Trinity Prebyterian Church Bowdon:
Broadheath Congregational Church (which became Woodlands).

We have started the archive with the Hale church and  the Bowdon Church
and will welcome further contributions to expand this archive further.
(The First 100 years of Broadheath Congregational Church is a recent addition)

During an exhibition held in November 2014 at Trinity Hale to commemorate
the start of World War One, we uncovered a lot of interesting facts about the
early Hale Church, which was one of the first (if not the first) 
Red Cross Hospital in the area of Altrincham.

At the same time, we researched the lives of all those who gave their lives
during WW1 from the original Hale Congregational Church, Broadheath Congregational Church, Trinity Bowdon Presbyterian Church, The Trinity
Mission Altrincham, and Pepper Street Chapel, Mobberley. 
These commemorative stories are now archived in a Roll of Honour, on line 
for all to see and to understand the kind of young men who went to war for us.

We have also included stories about both WW1 and WW11 from some of our members.

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 History Archives

 Roll of Honour